My name is Mitchell. I am a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, a leader and a speaker. I am a transformation coach to men. I teach high-impact men that they can see success in it all. Not just financially, but every other area of life as well. And despite what culture will tell you, it is possible to be a masculine, passionate, and confident man in 2024. Not only is it possible, it's essential that you do. 

What you see in that photo is my world. Our son was just born, and my beautiful wife and I were relishing in the miracle of his birth. A beautiful home, financial security, a thriving marriage, and more. But trust me when I tell you that things weren't always this good. I came from a dysfunctional upbringing where drug and alcohol abuse were the norm. I believe my family faced many battles that we were not emotionally & mentally capable of fighting. To keep it short, I'll just say that I was not set up for success. 

As a young man, I would inevitably face my own demons. Let's flash forward to 3 years into marriage. I hit rock bottom: I was 50lbs overweight, we were in debt to the tune of almost 6 figures, our marriage was hanging on by a thread, I turned into a hollow, apathetic shell of a man. In constant pain from life, and looking to numb myself any chance I could.

There were many reasons why I got there. But one of the biggest were because of lies I believed about myself, and what I believed to be (or not be) possible. I had a fixed, victim mindset. I floundered, I struggled. I tried and failed over and over again. But instead of quitting, I decided to dig in, and do the deep work required. I promised myself that these lies I believed about me would not be the destiny of me or my family. I decided that the generational cycles of alcoholism, drug abuse and physical and emotional absence would end with me. I decided to dedicate my life to changing my family tree.

A physical transformation was one of several that I went through. I share these photos not to brag, but to show proof. No fancy lighting, photoshop, or special effects - just grainy, ghetto bathroom & basement selfies. This was the grind. Why is this physical transformation important? Because I believe that most often, our physical bodies are a reflection of the discipline we have in other areas of our lives.

Notice the man on the left of each picture: Too insecure to even look at the camera. Looking down, ashamed and embarrassed of what life had become. I don't even recognize that man any more.

Now notice the man on the right: Confident, excited, and ready to take on the world and whatever comes next. That smile, that confidence, that passion was a reflection of the success I was seeing the other areas of my life simultaneously. Financial security, a completely restored marriage, and a mind that was distraction free and laser focused on what mountains to conquer. 

Sometimes people ask me if there was a turning point, where I said 'enough is enough'. The answer is yes. I had a few. But one of the first was during the middle of one¬† my darkest seasons, working as a music pastor. I was asked to perform at a funeral of a wealthy and generous man. When the pastor was speaking, he said something that shook me to my core. He asked the congregation, ‚Äėare you living a life worth imitating?‚Äô. Sitting side stage, I was faced with my mortality in a visceral way.

Looking back, the irony is that this gentleman’s death taught me how to live for the first time. I remember thinking 'no one would want to imitate this life: overweight, miserable marriage, drowning in debt, etc.' That day, I made a change that would shape my future. It was one of the most pivotal moments of my life.

Contrary to what many people think, I believe that your goal should not be to have an 'easy life'. If we all got what we wanted and were placed on a deserted island with an endless supply of umbrella drinks, it would quickly result in diabetes & insanity. Instead, I believe it's important to focus on building your heart, soul, mind and strength to love well and handle the storms that come in life. Because the truth is - whatever you love in life will ultimately cause you pain. 

  • The career you've always wanted will cause you stress
  • The woman you love most will be the one who challenges you the most¬†
  • Your kids will cause you pain and worry
  • Consistent weight training and exercise will cause you pain¬†

But so will the opposite of all of these things:

  • Being jobless and broke will be painful
  • Being lonely is painful¬†
  • Being separated from your children is painful¬†
  • Being unhealthy and riddled with disease is painful

So don't look for an easy life. Choose the pain you want to embrace, and GO. ALL. IN.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Rohn. He says:¬†‚ÄúWe must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.‚ÄĚ During that funeral, I decided to always choose the pain of discipline. The hard road. The road less travelled.¬†

There is a polish body builder named Jerzy Gregorek who said (I’m paraphrasing): Making easy decisions now make for a hard life later. Making hard decisions now will result in an easy life later. make for a hard life later. Making hard decisions now will result in an easy life later. This is true for almost everything in life. Most men don't fully grasp this, and the ones that do don't embrace it long enough to see the fruit from a life lived this way. But I've tasted and seen how good the fruit is when you put in the work and transform your life - that's why I've dedicated my life to helping men create the life they've always wanted.

After over a decade of experience in leadership, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and an intense focus on life-mastery, I decided to dedicate my life to helping other men have it all in their life too. I teach men to dominate in the 5 domains that (when built properly) can lead to a passionate life of greatness. 

So now I ask you this: If you died tonight, what legacy would you leave? It's a little morbid, but picture your funeral: As conversations happen around the table after the service, what would people say about:

  • The kind husband you were?
  • How you showed up as a father?
  • How generous & loving you were?
  • How passionate you were?¬†

Now, picture what would you want your family and friends to say about you at your funeral? Ie: what kind of legacy would you like to leave. That gap between what today and looks like and what you want someday to look like is where I thrive. I turn your 'one day' into day one. 

Now, enough about me - let's get after it. 

In your corner,